As lenders or mortgage servicers, you know how difficult it can be to safeguard the properties in your loan portfolio in a compliant and consumer-friendly manner. Those two ideas can often seem at odds as it becomes increasingly difficult for some homeowners to secure and maintain adequate hazard insurance. At times, the mandated insurance requirements can hinder a timely loan closing. For existing homeowners, a lapse in payment can result in a more costly and less robust lender-placed policy issuance.

At OSC, we believe the more options to secure quality homeowners insurance coverage, the better for all. OSC’s Home Choice Complete helps those who work hard to buy their homes a quick and easy way to get well-rounded coverage. For those who may have limited options due to credit history or time constraints, OSC Home Choice Complete is a solution that protects their homes and offers peace of mind. For lenders or mortgage servicers, it’s a positive way to reach out with a compliant and competitive solution that can avert lender-placed coverage and supports the intent of regulations to do all you can to help your customers.

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