IrisX is a comprehensive system that streamlines tracking insurance within a portfolio and applies complex business rules to report or act upon this information in a compliant manner.  Using data points entered manually or routine client data feeds in the hundreds of thousands, the system is working constantly to update and pinpoint property exposures. Data is encrypted at rest, system access is secure, and our redundant systems and archiving practices ensure business continuity.

The IrisX system is central to a risk management approach that fits your organization best.

On-demand, cloud-based lender-placed insurance technology for insurance coverages. Accessible from any computer or mobile device, IrisXpress is a feature-rich and user-friendly system to help you deliver coverage quickly and accurately with simple set up.

A comprehensive, multi-collateral tracking, reporting, and insurance technology system. IrisXcel empowers your team to deliver accurate and compliant coverage across diverse loan types and manage the risks efficiently as part of an à la carte outsourcing program.

For those looking for tailored risk-management strategies and integrated, cloud-based technology solutions, IrisXclusive encompasses a holistic and robust approach to organizational compliance and insurance needs. With full call-center support and an integrated platform approach, the OSC team becomes the hub of daily activities for insurance activities. This can include on-site client support as well as full electronic document and mail room management services.

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  • Insurance monitoring for all exposure and collateral types
  • Automatic insurance coverage and certificate generation (e.g. hazard, wind, flood, REO)
  • Document management and customer call recording
  • Automated data input, cash management, claims, and escrow processing
  • Customized notifications generation to borrowers
  • System integration (e.g. flood determinations, tax tracking, 3rd party platforms, etc.)
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • Standard and customized reporting
  • Multi-lingual interface