Our vast experience with lenders, servicers, and investors of all sizes and portfolio complexities have put OSC at the forefront of the industry today although our story began in 1976.


OSC acquires Kistler Financial Insurance Group, a regional insurance services agency highly regarded in the community lender space


Keith J. Gilroy, CPA transitions from Breckenridge Insurance Group corporate leadership role to President of OSC


OSC wins Fannie Mae RFP among 12 participants for its creative, market-driven lender-placed insurance program saving taxpayers up to $150 million. Implementation tabled due to competing interests and other FHFA priorities.


The company is rebranded OSC as the organization expands its geographic reach nationally, hires additional industry expertise, and further invests in leading tracking technology and compliance best practices.


Overby-Seawell Company, now a leading regional provider of lender-placed insurance and advanced tracking technology, was acquired by Breckenridge Insurance Group.


In working closely with lenders and licensees, Overby-Seawell recognized the need for a technology tool to track insurance on their loan portfolios and developed a proprietary tracking technology, Track Collateral.


As Overby-Seawall Company grew, the company began to diversify its product and service mix to serve area financial institutions better.


Overby-Seawall Company was formed when Larry Overby purchased the banking division of Alexander Howden, (successor of Irby-Seawell) and became its President.


Larry Overby joined Irby-Seawell as Vice President, Sales & Marketing.


Irby-Seawell, an Atlanta-area General Agency, was founded.

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