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At the core of all we do is a strict adherence to compliance best practices, rigorous security on and off-line, quality-control measures, and multifaceted corporate governance checks and balances. We continue to invest in these critical operational functions to stay ahead of the changing landscape. OSC also champions compliance thought leadership through regular client bulletins, newsletters and a highly regarded invite-only compliance conference.


Our proprietary IrisX tracking system allows for real-time insurance monitoring, regulatory-adherent communications and on-demand or automated lender-placed insurance purchasing. It can be integrated with other financial industry software platforms and further tailored by our in-house programmers to address traditional, escrow, and reverse mortgages; commercial property or auto loans; or property investor portfolio tracking needs.


As part of an integrated insurance tracking program or as an independent, value-added service, OSC can streamline and automate the routine activities that take you and your team away from core business-building priorities. From advanced call center capabilities to progressive mailroom management disciplines, to harnessing information collected across databases and electronic data processing solutions, our experienced team can tailor a solution using cutting-edge hardware and software capabilities to save you time and money without sacrificing customer care.


We offer truly competitive lender-placed insurance and related industry risk management solutions from a variety of top-rated carriers who specialize in this space. As part of Steamboat Group, we work with numerous carriers to independently source solutions to benefit OSC clients as appetites change, markets shift and our relationships grow. Our capabilities extend beyond insuring property or auto assets to working with agents to deliver necessary financial institution coverage as we know this space well.

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