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Each of our clients is unique in their approach to managing the myriad of processes, paperwork, data integration, payments, and customer support of their loan, lease, or investor portfolios. While some maintain significant in-house capabilities leveraging staff, space, and equipment, others choose to strategically outsource some or several of these activities to OSC to realize operational efficiencies and retain focus on their core business-building priorities.

As a turn-key provider to numerous and diverse market-leading enterprises, OSC has significant investments in operational infrastructure that set us apart in our field. We are driven to save time, eliminate angst, and spend wisely with your interests in the forefront. The seamless integration of key services and data sources supports your business objectives without cutting corners on customer care. Any combination of these services may be harmoniously orchestrated to deliver a solution suite composed to optimize results. See our Hybrid Outsourcing Sell Sheet PDF on this page for your optimization options.

The services we offer include:

OSC has two fully operational, state-of-the-art call centers located in the Atlanta and Miami areas. We facilitate calls for a broad range of audiences including lender customers, insurance agents, carriers and our client teams using our proprietary IrisX technology and insurance solutions. We pride ourselves on the quick, timely and professional support of diverse audiences. From our bilingual team members to those who specialize in working with the elderly on reserve mortgages, our well-trained staff is equipped to handle inbound and outbound calls with efficiency while maintaining quality. Our sophisticated call center technology allows for reporting and recording of all activities to support overall client objectives.

The vast amount of documents that need processing in this industry can be dizzying.  Whether by mail, fax or electronic receipt, the data contained in these documents needs to be cataloged and searchable for it to be of value. With our EDI as a Service, we take disparate data sources, enter or filter them, and return key information routinely to clients in a preferred electronic format or provide in ready-access via an online searchable library.  We’ve even been known to process those ‘what are in those?’ boxes of files to help clients catch up with dreaded paperwork backlog or can help jumpstart insurance tracking with an audit of past due insurance notices. The possibilities for saving time are endlessly customizable and potentially automatable.

We pride ourselves on making mail disappear from your door. We are particularly good at eliminating unwanted insurance mail by accessing our robust data sources and using our EDI approach to eliminate more than 80% of the physical mail in some cases as the information can be accessed directly. In addition, we can set up full mailroom, faxing and scanning services for receiving, sending and saving the varied communications you do need to see or search out at a later date. This includes outbound insurance notices to inbound proof of insurance documents. All of these services are tailored to suit client-specific business rules and an agreed up automated workflow. We invite you to visit our offices to see these operations in person.

How may we help unburden you of escrow and lender-placed premium payment tracking drudgery?  In addition to routine insurance transactions, our systems receive timely billing data from a number of top insurance carriers.  Posting detailed transactions, reconciling at regular intervals, and submitting escrowed insurance premiums on your behalf by mail as well as ACH are a few of the ways the OSC team is prepared to free your resources (and dollars) for more important things.

As you know, loan data is not fixed. Flood, tax and homeowners association payments can change at any time. OSC turns to expert providers who spend their days keeping up with all of the detailed nuances of these distinctive data points. With their data input and insights, integrated with our IrisX system, we deliver timely information to inform and update coverages, insurance rates, escrow amounts and overall risk exposures. With appraisal and loss draft services additionally from industry-leading providers, we can provide actionable and seamless support for managing risks from inception to foreclosures.

Some of our service providers include:

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