We know switching or starting a new tracking system may seem daunting for some as many variables may come into play. We’ve developed a proven implementation process at OSC that clearly outlines the necessary steps to do so with minimal disruption to your organization. It starts with a clear understanding of current practices and data sources and continues with specific deliverables and timing set forth in a collaborative way.  At every step in the process, your assigned team will work closely with you and your team to effectively transition onto IrisX or expand usage as you grow.

Training and support on IrisX is included in your service agreement. Our goal is to make it easy for you to conduct business on our system and we’re here to help. We will regularly communicate and release new enhancements to the system based on client input, new regulations or updated insurance rates. As a cloud-based system, no manual updating is necessary and your data is always safely stored on the system even as it evolves.

With larger or more complex portfolios, a dedicated client service manager, lender support representatives and others will be assigned to the account. With IrisX system knowledge and an understanding of your business, the team will proactively address needs and assist in any ongoing efforts. Regular calls, meetings and an annual business review help keep the communication flowing at all times. An on-site OSC client representative may make sense for select high-volume account service needs.

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