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who we are

OSC is a leading provider of compliance-driven tracking technology and insurance products and services for lenders, mortgage servicers and property investors. Coupled with advanced call centers, document processing and programming capabilities—and rigorous security and governance practices—OSC  delivers fully integrated property insurance programs to some of the largest lenders and clients in the country.  As a part of Breckenridge Insurance Group, we offer truly competitive lender-placed and related risk management solutions from a variety of top-rated, international insurance carriers who specialize in this industry.

our mission

At OSC, we passionately protect our partners from undue risks by seamlessly integrating industry-leading tracking technology, compliance and insurance solutions.

our strength

We believe the strength of our company is built on the depth of our talent and our longstanding values of unwavering integrity and accountability.

our family

OSC is a part of Breckenridge Insurance Group, an international specialty wholesale insurance broker, program manager, managing general agent (MGA), and insurance services provider.

our values

Our companywide values are founded on the desire to take what we do to new HEIGHTS. We look forward to realizing this vision together.

how can we help you?

Reach out to discover the possibilities for your business.