We know that you have options when it comes to your insurance tracking and solutions provider. OSC wants to be that option. We’re big enough to handle volume, yet nimble in our approach. For all sizes and types of clients, we pride ourselves on responsive support and proactive guidance for your risk management needs. Where others may seem comfortable, we feel a true partner should be driven and we invite comparison as we’re confident in our ability to deliver. It’s no coincidence that some of the big names in our business are no longer around.


At OSC, we know there are constant challenges and increasing demands of our clients, particularly when it comes to regulations, security and technology. A part of our commitment to client success, our senior leaders work closely with a client advisory board to share ideas and anticipate changing business dynamics. We also stay involved in several trade associations and closely monitor government actions to stay informed and relevant. These findings are addressed with cross-functional teams at OSC enhance our services in anticipation of the need.


For many clients, our daily routine involves the secure handling of hundreds of thousands of complex and interrelated data points. We do this work with sophisticated technology, proven processes and smart people. The more efficient and near flawless we are, the happier our clients are with us. We collect, summarize and share these efforts with clients not just as expected, but as we would want to be informed. We feel if everyone has the best information, we’re all enlightened to do better business together. We also like happy clients and we want to keep them happy into the future.


The mindset of our team can be summed up by ‘beyond.’ It comes from the culture we’ve cultivated at OSC over the years that prides itself on being the people who will do what it takes to deliver with integrity. We will go beyond to service our clients and their customers as partners in growth. Every department may live this mantra differently, but the intangible nature of wanting to be a great ally to our clients is not just a promise, it’s what attracts and retains talent to the benefit of those we serve.  We welcome you to visit, talk and connect with—or even join—us.


A truly positive culture comes from great people with clear values. As part of Steamboat Group, we believe that “living our values” isn’t a task – but a way we approach each day. We embrace a more diverse and collaborative workplace that’s built on mutual trust and respect. To learn more, and see opportunities for joining our team, please click the button below.

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