loss draft

OSC clients benefit by outsourcing the handling of loss draft processing as it is both time and labor intensive, particularly if a higher dollar or complex claim. Those who specialize in this niche space have a particular knowledge of insurance regulations, investor guidelines, check handling, estimates, damage inspections, and communication with contractors. OSC will work to seamlessly deliver loss draft processing tailored to clients’ expectations – from initial contact with the homeowner to monitoring of repairs through to final disbursement.

Seamlessly support your loss draft needs by way of:

  • Fully employed, professional staff
  • National presence to facilitate field validations
  • Full call center support resources
  • Secure information and consistent reporting
  • Extensively trained and accountable team
  • Filing and facilitation best practices
  • Positive homeowner experience
  • Enhanced reputational benefits

The scope of loss draft processing services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial contact with homeowner
  • Determine status of loss draft and repairs
  • Obtain and document key information
  • Determine if it is an endorsed or monitored check file
  • Direct homeowner on next steps
  • Determine repair/contractor scenario and licensure
  • Manage check disbursement according to protocols
  • Ongoing follow up and inspections to closure of claim
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