tax & escrow

OSC offers a range of tax and insurance escrow services that integrate with our proprietary IrisX (Informed RISk eXchange) tracking system. These services can be tailored to provide our clients with a comprehensive, timely compliant financial risk management solution. By fully or partially outsourcing these services to OSC, you can streamline processes and save valuable time and money.

  • Integrated single source solution
  • Payments paid accurately and on-time
  • Reduced risk of tax sale loss
  • Elimination of penalty and interest
  • Low processing costs
  • Transfer liability to us for late or missed payments
  • Control the process-payment notifications and approvals
  • HMPL mandatory escrow
  • Web-based or direct interface capability
  • Robust and customized ad hoc reporting
  • Exceptional customer service

For all types of corporate, commercial or residential tax service needs.

  • Tax sale-sensitive monitoring schedules
  • Delinquency severity code management
  • Complete back-search on all originations
  • Borrower delinquency letter campaign
  • Workflow management prioritization tools
  • Real time access to data
  • Tax expense forecasting tools
  • Audit and review tools

Additional tax services include:

  • Tax delinquency monitoring with borrower notification
  • Tax certificate services (in lieu of guaranteed title)
  • Redemption, back search, and audit support services
  • Trust assets

Innovative technology backed by compliance excellence.

  • Proprietary information verification and validation
  • Pre-cycle audits performed using client data
  • Innovative client approval process
  • Reduced cut-off periods
  • Check writing and electronic payment options
  • Full reconciliation of payments
  • Online open item statistics
  • Return and refund check processing
  • On-demand exception reporting
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