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Self-funded captive health benefits program

Consider a Medical Group Captive to self-fund your health benefits plan and better control your financial exposure.

Breckenridge HealthySolutions

In collaboration with an A+ (Superior) Rated A.M. Best carrier, OSC has exclusive access to a medical group captive solution for your self-funded employee health care plan. Our Breckenridge HealthySolutions medical group captive program is specifically designed for mid-sized financial institutions looking to stabilize costs, mitigate high dollar claims, and take control of year-over-year premium increases.

With proven underwriting experience in this sector, this well-managed group captive allows participants to share in the financial burden of employee health expense, plan for consistent benefit costs, and possibly realize returned premiums if you outperform your peers at year end.

Representative results of the captive1

1These results are from a 10-year carrier study. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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