Company Leadership Looks to Newly Appointed FHFA Director

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Company Leadership Looks to Newly Appointed FHFA Director Rep. Watt for Sensible Lender-Placed Insurance Reform

KENNESAW, Ga., Dec. 10, 2013 – Tracey Carragher, CEO, Breckenridge Insurance Group/OSC issued a statement today on the confirmation of Rep. Watt to director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. “Breckenridge/OSC supports and congratulates Rep. Watt on his appointment as director of the FHFA.

We look forward to working with him and remain confident that, under his leadership, the FHFA will continue to advocate on behalf of consumers and taxpayers by executing reasonable GSE reform that places the best interest of American homeowners above all other factors. We believe that the Breckenridge/OSC proposal that transforms the lender-placed insurance industry from a status-quo duopoly into a competitive, market-driven model is a perfect example of the sensible reforms that the FHFA is capable of accomplishing under director Watt’s leadership.”

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