OSC Business Continuity Update


Dear Clients and Partners,

As we continue our collective efforts in helping flatten the curve of COVID-19, I wanted to start this update off by sharing our immense gratitude to those who are on the front lines in healthcare and all essential services. We thank those who care for and provide for us during this Pandemic.

Over the last month, we have implemented many proactive measures to help sustain the health and wellbeing of our team. This, coupled with our Business Continuity and a separate Pandemic Plan, were designed to allow for our safety and continued operations as this crisis continues to evolve. All steps taken were enacted by a cross-functional team of key OSC department managers and Breckenridge Insurance Group corporate support including Compliance, Human Resources, Information Technology/Services, Accounting and Communications.

The OSC team is committed to being readily available and operational throughout this Pandemic and our new Work From Home (WFH) routines. We remain fully engaged with client stakeholders, key partners, and any third-party vendors that support us as an organization. The status of our organization is good, and we will continue to actively monitor key performance and quality control measures for our accounts. We will also continuously assess and triage the workload to provide essential support to you and your customers as this situation remains fluid.

Additionally, Kirk Stephens, CRCM and Chief Compliance Officer, will be providing regular updates on financial institution regulations and government actions during this time. A COVID-19  Special Edition of Compliance Insights was sent earlier this week and we will continue to send these communications ad hoc. If a regulatory action would impact our practices materially, we will bring these to your attention.

We appreciate your business and wish you all well. I will continue to send updates and our entire team is standing by to be of assistance as always.


Keith Gilroy


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