Behind the Ringtone: Discover the OSC Call Center

Call Center

The OSC Call Center exists to make our clients’ lives easier through customer support excellence. But what makes our Call Center so special? It simply breaks down to aggressive goals in a two-tier, three “T’s” mission.

Aggressive Goals

When OSC sets out to succeed, we won’t stop until we do – especially when it comes to superior customer service.

“We are proud to have very aggressive service levels that we commit to for our clients, including how quickly we answer the phone and our call quality,” said Call Center Manager Jim Zeunik. “We have exceeded those service levels every month for over two years straight.”

A Two-Tier System

The OSC Call Center is comprised of two teams – outbound and inbound. The outbound team members, made up of about 65 contractors, proactively make calls and send emails to insurance carriers and agents to obtain proof of insurance. The inbound team, made up of approximately 35 OSC staff, field the calls resulting from the outreach. They primarily work in the Kennesaw, Georgia office, but the team members can be based in the Cleveland, Ohio office or remotely around the nation.

The Three T’s

Team. Technology. Training.

These three “T’s” set us apart. Let’s start with our exceptional team.

“The people that we hire are top-notch,” said Zeunik. “My leadership team is all grown from people who started out handling inbound phone calls and moved on from there.”

Monthly audits help meet those aggressive service goals mentioned earlier.

“I’ve got a dedicated quality team that listens to recorded or live calls for every representative every month,” Zeunik added. “We score them for quality, and we meet with the reps to give them feedback on how those calls were handled.”

Superior technology helps make the Call Center run smoothly – from these monthly audits to customizable features and self-service possibilities.

“We’ve got what I consider the best Call Center phone system platform in the market,” Zeunik said. “We use that phone system to customize and personalize the caller experience for each lender.”

This is accomplished through unique toll-free numbers assigned to each lender, allowing Call Center representatives to know in advance who they will be assisting, starting each call with a lender-specific greeting.  Additionally, the platform uses an Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVRU), paving the way for self-service efficiency.

“The callers can help themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for certain things,” Zeunik added.

About 20-25% of inbound calls are handled by the IVRU process.

The three “T’s” come full circle in the training component, where technology helps the team grow.

“New hires go through 2.5 to 3 weeks of training before we get them on the phones,” Zeunik said, “but we also provide training refreshers. We have recorded training videos for a number of refresher topics that allow us to deliver training to our reps consistently with maximum flexibility.”

Why This Matters

What we do and how we do it directly impacts our clients’ businesses. Our clients need to rest easy knowing that OSC’s mission is to help both the client and their borrowers with loans.

“They need to feel comfortable that if their borrowers have problems or questions, that they can contact us and we are going to give them the service that they expect their borrowers to get,” Zeunik said.

“This allows our clients to think about other things,” he added. “They don’t have to think about whether their customers are getting good service. They don’t have to think about us – because they know we are doing a good job.”

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