OSC COVID-19 Business Continuity Update


Dear Clients and Partners,

It’s not an easy time for any of us as we face continued uncertainty as a nation and world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in this together and wish the best for everyone as we take on the unprecedented challenges ahead. To keep the lines of communication flowing, I’ll briefly update you on our business continuity efforts as of now.

We are well into the implementation of our pandemic plan and I am proud of the steps our team has quickly taken to keep our team members safe while maintaining service levels and support of your business.  Rather than repeat these measures, I’ll refer you to the recent update from our CEO, David Jordan, of Breckenridge Insurance Group here.

A few specific things to point out additionally:

  • We’re confident in our capabilities to service your business as we’ve previously invested heavily in our technology infrastructure—including a leading call center platform—to enable remote operations as most of our team are working from home now. We’ve proactively secured additional server capacity that we are deploying at our world leading data center as an additional measure.
  • Where we use approved vendor partners in support of our business operations, they too arein lockstep with our plan and they are in daily communication with our leadership to ensure any planned contingencies are fully readied should we need to shift work among cross-trained and duplicative service providers or geographies.
  • With our proprietary IrisX tracking platform, we can continue to deliver the necessary stability and secure access you need to this vital system from anywhere your team may be working. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to your client services manager and, if needed, they will engage our in-house support team to work with you or your IT resources to ensure connectivity.

We look to a less stressful time for all sooner than later. If we can provide any additional information about these efforts, please reach out. I will update you periodically as will your client services team. In the meantime, please take care and be well.


Keith Gilroy


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