OSC to Participate in the Black Knight ‘Information Exchange’ April 17-19, 2023


OSC is excited to be attending the Black Knight “Information Exchange” April 17-19, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.

Michael Randall, EVP and Director of Business Development, Cheryl Niemi, SVP of National Accounts, Christy Tranor, SVP of National Accounts, and Liz Pollard, Lender Solutions Manager, will join invited partners and lenders at this important technology forum. The goal of this event is to help Black Knight clients stay up-to-date with current best practices and exchange ideas among those using their platform.

OSC’s Black Knight client initiatives are led by Cheryl, who is an expert in their system and how it interfaces with our IrisX tracking platform. Cheryl has been a part of Black Knight’s escrow committee for over 25 years, a part of their hazard subcommittee for over a decade, a voting member for over 5 years, and has chaired the Black Knight West Coast Users Group for 5 years, until Black Knight’s recent restructuring of the committees. With Cheryl’s experience in both servicing and as a service provider, she understands the challenges that come with insurance and escrow administration and therefore is very involved in development and scope for Black Knight new enhancements and workstations.

Events with various Black Knight forums, such as the Information Exchange, provide an excellent opportunity for Cheryl and the OSC team to pass on important updates and news to OSC clients who use the Black Knight system to stay on the forefront of their business needs.

We look forward to the upcoming event!

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