Bryan Halley

Director of Information Systems

At OSC, the team understands what is important to clients and our IrisX tracking system reflects their collective expertise. As part of Steamboat , we additionally apply our knowledge of insurance systems and best practices to create leading-edge systems.

Bryan Halley joined OSC in November of 1998, and leads a talented group of software professionals responsible for enhancements to the OSCIS software suite, special client projects including new client implementations, integrating the software suite with internal and external systems, and providing client helpdesk and support. Before being promoted to Director, he developed the claim, cash, commission systems as well as many varied, development projects that spanned the entire software suite.

Prior to joining OSC, he worked at GTE Data Services (now Verizon Data Services) as a Software Developer and then a Business Analyst specializing in research and implementation of new technologies, and commercializing internal systems.

He received a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida, Tampa.

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