Vicki Koglmeier

Senior Manager of Loss Administration

In building OSC, I’ve taken great pleasure in providing our clients with solutions that saved them time and protected their collateral from uninsured losses. By being committed to providing great service, we’ve stayed relevant and have been able to grow.

Vicki Koglmeier is Senior Manager of Loss Administration and oversees Claims and Loss Drafts at OSC. In claims, she manages a dedicated team of professionals working with the carriers to help facilitate their timely resolution. In Loss Drafts, she leverages her deep experience to seamlessly deliver turnkey solutions to customers with basic to extreme repair needs to home or property. Vicki’s leadership and focus are always on customer excellence in collaboration with trusted third-party providers using leading-edge technology. Previously, Vicki was Mueller Report’s Director of Loss Drafts where she oversaw Loss Draft processes, monitoring and client communications. Prior to Mueller, she was at Nationstar Mortgage and was responsible for insurance, loss draft, and flood vendors. When she’s not working, Vicki enjoys gardening, reading, camping, and spending time with her husband and 4 children.

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