Overby-Seawell Company Changes Name to OSC

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KENNESAW, GA – The Overby-Seawell Company, a specialist in lender-placed insurance and risk management services and products, has changed its name to OSC.

OSC’s specialty is protection and risk analysis of the collateral securing commercial, vehicle and residential real estate lending. Its collateral tracking technology is an industry leader and provides the platform for its risk management services to financial institutions. OSC also provides tax and escrow services.

The new name comes at a time when OSC is rapidly expanding beyond its traditional market in the Southeast United States. “We felt we needed a new branding strategy as the company now serves some of the largest financial institutions throughout the United States,” explained CEO Larry Overby. “We have expanded our customer base providing lender-placed collateral protection services to large and small banks, credit unions, finance companies and mortgage servicing companies,” Overby said.

In 2010 OSC was acquired by the Breckenridge Insurance Group a specialty underwriter, wholesale insurance broker and insurance services company with offices throughout the United States.

OSC’s roots date back more than 20 years in the lender-placed financial community. Collateral protection insurance is triggered by a lapse in insurance coverage by the borrower on the collateral, such as a car or single family home, securing a loan by a financial institution. Today, OSC provides its insurance and risk services to more than 1,200 lenders.

For information about OSC, go to its website, www.oscis.com. For additional information contact CEO Larry Overby or COO Ted Lamb at (800) 432-1258.

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