Loretta Johnson

SVP – Service Delivery Director

Having held varied roles with OSC over the years and now as a department leader, I’m grateful to those who work diligently by my side to provide operational excellence in their support of clients’ goals. It truly takes a team and we’re 110% focused on realizing success together.

Loretta joined OSC in 1987. She has carved an illustrious career path within the organization, reaching the esteemed position of Senior Vice President – Service Delivery Director. With an unwavering commitment spanning three decades, she has not only witnessed the evolution of the company but has been a driving force in shaping its trajectory. Throughout her journey, Loretta has been a key architect of strategic improvements to service delivery channels, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a key player in the Operations and Service Center teams. Her tenure has been marked by a continuous dedication to excellence and a distinctive ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of service delivery. Beyond the realms of corporate excellence, Loretta is a novice photographer, finding inspiration in capturing moments that tell stories in still frames. Her lens reflects a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective, mirroring the precision and creativity she brings to her professional endeavors.

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